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Some ideas for bedroom with Twils

Italian Bedrooms by Twils

The bedroom is now increasingly a real relaxation area. A space where not only sleep but relax, watch television, spend time with computers and tablets. A space that must be, therefore, functional and relaxing at the same time.  The ideal solution is a right mix between aesthetics and function in a contemporary or modern or classic space. All furnishing – wardrobe, bed, bedside tables – must find the right place and are not to be neglected, for the harmony of space, items such as textiles and lighting.

What are the latest trends for the bedroom? Nowadays proposals of interior design are many and different, but all are able to meet the personal tastes. You can choose to stake everything on the bed, the central element of relax, valuing it with a refined and elegant linen or with a wallpaper background, or even a piece of design.

Twils is an Italian company that produces beds, linens and accessories for the bedroom. Twils projects are an expression of harmony between design and textile, between form and finish and the brand is characterized by creativity and originality. The brand seeks to answer the original and customized solutions required by customers while maintaining an element of identity textiles at the center of every project. Many important names of design have signed for Twils such as Silvia Prevedello, Studio Viganò, Studio Thesia Progetti, Monica Graffeo, Meneghello&Paolelli Associati, Cairoli & Donzelli, Roberto Semprini, Studio Balutto Associati, Enrico Girotti. 

Camaleo collection by Studio Thesia Progetti offers ecological wood and metal beds and once chosen the frame, the client is free to customize it with textile components. Monica Graffeo signed Frame, a bed that expresses the importance to keep separated the functions different from sleep. The headboard becomes a small bookcase or coat hanger separating spaces.


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