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Made in Italy between tradition and new challenges

Italian Bedroom

When we speak about “made in Italy” about furnishing we deal with the italian tradition, the high quality and the products made by capable hands of crafters and carpenters working with experience, ability and passion. This mix of quality makes some italian brands as the best worldwide. Design, style, innovation, craftsmanship and technology in chairs, tables, sofas, wardrobes and many others pieces for living and sleeping areas: italian design are synonymous of quality in the furnishing industry.

After years of crisis, the sector of Made in Italy furnishing has increased its sales and is now called to new challenges such as the conquest of some emerging markets, very different far from European ones.

And then there is to be won the segment of conscious and eco – friendly consumers. They want customized products and shunning by the approval of the syles in furniture.  In addition, it will be crucial for the italian companies of the Made in Italy also focus on e – commerce because in the last two years furniture online sales registered significant increases.

Are we ready for new challenges among quality, competitiveness and market? Are small artisans, fabrics, designers ready to empower the identification of their products with original and native way of making (manufacturing)? Competitiveness of made in Italy furnishing means quality manufacturing, stimulate knowledge and revive the spirit of discovery. In a more ample perspective the general appreciation of Italian products which have been associated with superior quality, extreme attention to detail and refinement is globally recognized  and many productions are certified as 100% Made in Italy, a brand wich guarantee the quality of products. The certification process is a voluntary acceptance by the manufacturer, industry of the Regulations of System IT01 and with a Certification Request.



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