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Italian green furniture: sustainable future solutions

Italian Sustainable Furniture

Great solutions about sustainable furnishing are from Italy. Italian fabrics are investing on finest products and projects for furniture combining extremely quality and eco – friendness. Many italian brands of furniture are seeking ways to be more sustainable.

New and sustainable challenges for our common future: the main one is creating a green lifestyle to save nature, resources and our Earth. Our top way to go green is long for eco – friendly at home to change in name of a no – toxing living. We can focus to reduce waste, minimize energy, food and other resources choosing wisely sustainable furniture. A new idea of living provides for no – toxic and ecological tables, chairs, sofas and more.

We dont’think that furniture could have an environmental impact but for production toxic materials and chemicals are used. We don’t think that the pollution produced by furniture could be like cars and industry! In the production solvents such as paints, stains and glue have an emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Furthermore wood used to create furniture is from tropical forests. This is a negative use of land, soil and landscape. Packaging materials on environment (plastics, aluminium, paper) must be removed in an environmentally responsible manner. We don’t forget the use of fossil energy for the necessary production operations and then the problem of residues of furniture industry (planer chips, sawdust).

Is it enough to get the sustainable way?

For our home, office, shop we can choose green furniture and this one can make a big difference in our way to sustainability. We can choose modern, contemporary or classic headboards, dining tables, kitchen and more for every room produced with Certified sustainable wood, reclaimed materials, recycled metal and plastic, not treated with synthetic substances can offgas chemicals which are toxic. 

Environmental furnishing adhere to strict environmental standards, include  biodegradable, natural latex rubber, certified hardwood frames, organic cotton batting, renewable jute, canvas, rattan, seagrass and latex webbing. By the way, the finishes are no toxic but water based.

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