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Guzzini design Made in Italy for your kitchen

Design for your kitchen by Guzzini

Today the kitchen is not the place where only we prepare eating. It’s the main space of the house and we want it comfortable, functional, safe and also nice to see for lunch and conversation.
In the style of the kitchen we understand the good taste of those who live there. The kitchen is the more customized space. So then the shelves are full of useful, functional, even if wonderful items to prepare.

In our pantries and kitchen shelves the aesthetics and the value of design are important.
Guzzini is an important brand of made in Italy since 1912 for kitchen utensils. Guzzini produces accessories and small appliances for food preparation: cookware set, knives block, electronic scales, glasses and so on.

During the last Fuorisalone of Milano, Guzzini has launched Ripples, a modern bottle in acrylic material signed by Ron Arad, one of the most important name of design at international level. A cool object, hosted by Hackett, a prestigious store of Milano (Manzoni Street) famous for elegance and style.

An important example of design that shows how Guzzini is focused on plastic materials, able to combine innovation, use, colour. In fact since 1938 Guzzini introduced plastic in items. A bold choice for the time, but which later proved as a successful intuition.

Proved to be a succesful intuition. Over time, technology has allowed Guzzini the sperimentation of new techniques and design has allowed to combine the plastic with other traditional materials used in the kitchen, such as ceramics, steel, glass.
Today we recognize Guzzini items in the colorful and modern kitchens, even if in more classic or contemporary. Guzzini kitchen utensils are beautiful, easy to use, suitable for everyday and have a great value in quality.

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