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Design Bathroom: the elegance of AeT Italia

Italian Bathroom Design by AeT Italia

Do you like to have a perfect house? You’ve thought of everything – living spaces, kitchen, hall, balconies, garden and so on –  but maybe you have neglected the bathroom. Bathroom design is an important part of whole house design but perhaps we tend to think that the bathroom is only a useful space for our needs. It’s not a separate room and a shower as a sink, even a toilet, could be element  to improve your home and bring out your good liking and fancy in furniture, without forgetting the importance that may have the mirrors – different for style, colors, frames – for creation of very fine interior decorations.

AeT Italia is a famous brand about bathroom design. Design and innovation for this company are the threads in the production of high quality objects but also elegance and luxury if we think about the class collection of Ae T Italia with a magnificent texture in capitonè decorated in gold. Sanitary wares, bathtub and also the furniture with golden or platinum details. The new Class washbasin can be painted on the whole surface in gold.

Sanitary wares, washbowls, shower trays, bathtubs but also furniture by Ae T Italia, but the elegance in washbasins is the strength of the elegant range made by AeT Italia. We have washbasins with curved lines and a bit inclined for modern and minimal bathrooms, rectangular, pyramidal, ring, oval, square and tower forms and a luxury line with a special edge of only ge of only 3 mm gives elegance and delicacy to the new series of Elite washbasins. Another wonderful washbasin is a totem  furnish your bathroom as a sculpture (Totem One). It’s a column version, important and stylish, that could be a catalyst for change your bathroom design.



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