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Italians have an innate taste for beauty that reflects in every field of production, including furniture. The Italian idea of home is more than the concept of a place you live in, it’s really much more. A house is not just a building, somewhere you go to after a day of work, but it’s part of those who live in it. A house reflects the personality, the habits, the way of being of its inhabitants. That’s why it should always be comfortable an full of furniture and complements in line with the wishes of every single person who owns, or simply lives, a house.


In Italy we know this very well, and this is the reason why we put a strong effort in making our houses as closest as possible to our desires. We usually do it choosing the furniture that best suits our necessities, the complements that best match with furniture and so on: this way, we make our houses not only functional, but also comfortable and welcoming.
But what’s behind all this? An important furniture industry which gives us the best furnishing solutions. Furniture production is one of the best expressions of Made in Italy an it’s a field that, despite of the international competition, keeps remaining highly competitive all over the world. Italy is one of the biggest furniture exporter because of the quality it can offer, both in terms of materials and design.


The majority of Italian furniture industries are in the North of the country, but the rest of them are distributed throughout it. The biggest of them are those who export more their products abroad, where they are always appreciated.
Each one of the Italian furniture factories has his own history, identity and productive structure. Some of them are very small and are specialized in a particular style which becomes unique in the varied furniture market.
Above all, they reach different levels of quality, starting from factories producing high level furniture to others who offer cheaper solutions. That’s because the market is variegated and, in addition to clients who look for expensive and valued pieces of furniture, there’s a huge quantity of people looking for less expensive yet functional furnishing and complements.


So, in Italy you can find fabrics producing tables, chairs, beds, wardrobes and so on using the most selected variety of wood and following artisan techniques, producing in the end wonderful products you clearly don’t find in every house because, as you can easily imagine, they’re quite expensive.
On the other hand, Italy has other kinds of fabrics which produce using industrial techniques and machinery and, apart from  selected wood, employing less expensive yet resistant materials, creating a cheaper but attractive furniture you can really see in most houses.


But regardless of the quality of techniques and materials, furniture production in Italy is a complex field made of artisans, assemblers, distributors, dealers but also designers. Furniture and complement design, indeed, is a key point in the outcome of the productive process.


Behind the beautiful pieces of furniture of the Italian industry there’s a lot of skilled designers who know very well which the market tendencies are, what the client’s necessity are and how to accomplish them. Moreover, they contribute to bring innovation to furniture production, allowing to create more and more competitive and functional products that are a proof of the fact that Made in Italy and quality are synonyms.

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