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Sicilian Food

Excellences of Sicily

Sicily is probably the region of Italy wich offers the highest variety of typical products, due to a territory which permits several specialties. But what makes Sicily able to surprise with its infinite range of flavours, colours and fragrances is the passion that producers put in every stage of their preparation.


Making a list of all excellence products of Sicily would be impossible: there’s so much to mention! But we can try to cite the main ones to give an idea of what makes Sicily one of the favourite places for food lovers from everywhere.


Let’s start with cheese: caciocavallo, provola, ricotta, piacentino ennese, vastedda. Just a few names that represent the very best of an ancient tradition that still continues to offer exquisite cheese produced following artisan techniques which permit to taste something wonderful.  You can eat them with a piece of bread or add them to pasta or condiments and you will walk on air.


Another thing you can’t miss in Sicily is its extravirgin olive oil: from olive cultivation to bottling, every phase is made with the most of attention to offer only high quality extravirgin oils like Nocellara, Biancolilla and many others.


And how can we not mention Sicilian wine? From Syrah to Nero d’Avola, from Insolia to Zibibbo, drinking Sicilian wine is an experience everybody should make to find in their glasses the taste of that wonderful land.


Those who love sausages can easily find happiness in Salame di suino nero dei Nebrodi, for example, but also in sausages filled with pistacchio, finocchietto and in tasty hams.


Going back to pistacchio, have you ever heard of Pistacchio di Bronte? That’s one of the most appreciated specialties everywhere in the country. Cultivated near Bronte, it’s also called green gold because of its color and it’s used to create sweet creams (crema di pistacchio), ice cream and so on.


Just a very brief introduction to Sicily best gastronomic products, you’re welcome to discover more!

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