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Sardinian food

Excellences of Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the top regions of Italy that attract a high quantity of tourists, both for its amazing sea and for its peculiar landscapes. At the same time, Sardinia has a strong gastronomic identity revealed in the large amount of typical products created using the very same techniques of the past.


Mountain and sea: two elements that coexist in an isle in which every zone has its own identity, tradition and characteristics. That’s why going from one part of Sardinia to another, you can find very different products and recipes.


Let’s have a look at the main typical products that are worth trying.


For example, do you know what Pane Carasau is? It’s one of the most famous types of bread in Sardinia. It’s peculiarity is the fact that it’s very crunchy due to a special way of baking, and you can eat it alone or in combination with salt or sweet recipes.


Sardinia is also the ideal place for cheese lovers, as cheese production is among the main things that have made the isle famous all over the world. Pecorino sardo DOC, Ricotta, Cagliu, Casu Martzu: just a few names to mention the best cheese of the land, as a result of a strong pastoral tradition.


Sausages are another of the most important typical products of Sardinia and they’re made with very simple ingredients. Among them: Capocollo, Guanciale, Prosciutto di pecora (sheep ham). Try them with bread only or in local recipes: you’ll fall in love with them.


Sardinia can count on a strong confectionery tradition that has given sweets for every occasion: Copulettas, Bianchittos, Mustazzolus, Torrone and many others.


Let’s finish our brief introduction to the excellences of Sardinia talking about his high quality and tasteful wines: Cannonau, Moscato, Malvasia, just to mention a few of them.

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