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Excellences of Calabria

Excellences of Calabria

Like most regions of Italy, especially the southern ones, Calabria has been inhabited by several populations that have left their cultural heritage to a land with a long and complex history. That heritage is made also of food, as every population has left its own gastronomic traditions.


Calabria is a mix of flavours which give its recipes a unique taste, because of ingredients produced for centuries with passion and a constant dedication.


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Calabria? Peperoncino (pepper), right, the protagonist of Calabrian kitchen. Famous for its healthy characteristics, peperoncino can be reduced in powder or dehydrated and can be added almost to every recipe to give it that peculiar spicy taste.


Calabria is famous also for its sausages like Soppressata, that often cointains peperoncino, or ‘Nduja. This is a unique kind of sausage as you can spread it on bread, but also add to sausages or even to pizza to give them a very special taste.


Cipolla rossa di Tropea is another top Calabrian excellence, a kind of onion sweeter than common ones. You can eat it raw or you can cook it, and it can be added to salads, condiments, meat or fish. You can even obtain a jelly from it and spread it over cheese.


In Calabria, or better in Reggio Calabria, a unique fruit is cultivated: bergamotto, something similar to a big lemon that has a fresh aroma. From its skin derives a special essential oil.


Eventually, let’s talk about a special kind of bread: Pane di Mangone, a specialty realized with traditional techniques and that, even if it has a crunchy crust, it remains soft inside and so remains for days.


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