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When was Italian fashion born?

Everybody knows that Italian fashion has no equals in the world and that Italian designers are the most appreciated everywhere. But how did we become aware of that? When was the idea of Italian fashion born?

To discover it we have to go back to February 12th 1951, when Count Giovan Battista Giorgini  gave life to the very first Italian fashion runway at Villa Torrigiani, his house in Florence. We can consider Giorgini one of the inventors of the idea of Made in Italy, as he understood before others that fashion and art were connected and that Italy had great potentialities in both fields. Count Giorgini was an art collector and he had a refined taste for beauty that brought him to  investigate the way in which art met fashion.

The First Italian High Fashion Show was the occasion to show the excellences of Italian fashion and to demonstrate that it could be a valid competitor for  Parisian stylists, the most known and appreciated at that time. Among the participants there were brands that have made the history of Italian fashion: Fabiani, Veneziani, Ruberasco, Sorelle Fontana, Marucelli, Vanna.

1951, therefore, is the year in which Italian fashion was born, even if at the beginning only noblewomen wore haute couture dresses. Afterwards Italian fashion began to spread to common people too, also because wonderful items were displayed in movies and more and more people could appreciate them and aim at wearing something similar.

From 1960, indeed, fashion started to be a way through which first women and then men could express their personality and perception of themselves in terms of colours, patterns, models and so on.

That was the moment when made in Italy started to be a symbol, also because of the triumph of prêt a porter during the ’70s and ‘80s.




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