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Taste of Italian summer: long floral dresses

Long floral dresses

Italian fashion is able to reinvent itself season by season with lots and lots of new ideas and creations, but maybe it’s during summer that it expresses its best. Brilliant colors, light fabrics, cheerful patterns go from runways to streets and you can see everywhere women wearing wonderful clothes.

One of the top item most women love to wear during summer is the long floral dress, due to its versatility: you can wear it in so much occasions! Did you get an invitation to a summer wedding? You can wear it. Are you going to have dinner at a restaurant by the sea? You can wear it. Are you going out for a drink with your friends? You can wear it too.

Of course, choosing the right one and creating the best combinations with shoes and accessory is up to you: if you want to be super elegant, you will wear high heels and minimal but bright jewellery, while if you want to be casual you just have to choose flat sandals and a large bag.

Every year Italian stylists propose long floral dresses made for everyone, so that every women can choose the right one based on their body shapes. You can find expensive items made of silk or other refined fabrics, maybe decorated with little bright stones, but you can also find cheaper long floral dresses that can result elegant or casual depending on the case.

An item, therefore, that expresses Italian stylists’ creativity in terms of design, patterns, colors, decoration: the proof of how Italian summer atmosphere can be translated into a dress that makes women feel wonderful as they wear it.

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