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Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce&Gabbana are the most famous duo of Italian fashion. Their winning professional bond has constituted the base of a success that was born in the 80’s and that has reached the audience of all the world with creations whose style is recognizable at first glance.

It all started in the ‘80s, when Domenico Dolce left Sicily and moved to Milan to work at the same fashion studio where Stefano Gabbana was working. When they discovered their professional affinities, they decided to open their own atelier where they could express their creativity and give life to creations based on their personal style.

They debuted on the catwalk in 1985, when they took part in the Milan Fashion Show in the New Talent Category, while in 1986 their first runway, named Real Women, took place. From that moment they started living an increasing success that made them famous abroad.

Dolce & Gabbana unmistakable style emerged since the first collections, where they showed their vision of women. They addressed to “real women”, as the name of their first collection suggests, women that could be sexy but serious at the same time. Dolce&Gabbana women prove to be extremely elegant and seductive in transparent and audacious dresses but also when they wear items traditionally worn by men: blazers, ties, shirts, pinstripe suits always accompanied by high heels. This kind of women are strong, independent, cosmopolitan but they are always aware of their roots.

For all their collections, the duo has taken inspiration from the Mediterranean culture they come from and from his colours too. Pink, gold and black are constant tones in their lines, as well as sand and red, the shades of the earth. Dolce&Gabbana are able to mix tradition and innovation, matching modern fabrics and religious elements typical of the Mediterranean culture and in particular of Sicily, Domenico Dolce’s house, which traditional elements are often present in the duo’s collections. A clear example of what we are talking about is the so-called “Vestito siciliano” (Sicilian dress), a creation that has been included among the 100 most important dresses of all times.

Dolce & Gabbana reached a bigger and varied audience from the ‘90s when they launched their prêt a porter line, D&G, whose ideal target is a younger market and that has a more modern and dynamic style.

The duo of fashion designers is also famous for perfumes, that they started producing in 1992, and for the advertising campaign that launched them, in some cases shot by famous movie directors like Giuseppe Tornatore and interpreted by well known actresses like Monica Bellucci and Sofia Loren.

Parallel to clothing and perfumes collections, since 2000 Dolce& Gabbana have signed lingerie, beachwear, menswear, homewear, sunglasses and eyewear lines, in addition to jewellery and watches.

Like many other important fashion designers, Dolce&Gabbana have dressed several celebrities, but one in particular fell in love with them: Madonna. For her, in 1993 the duo created an entire collection, “The Girlie Show”, that accompanied her throughout the world tour she made that year. Other singers made the same: Whitney Houston and Kylie Minogue wore clothes Dolce&Gabbana created for them on purpose for their tours and, in 2000, Madonna again wanted them to design not only her tour outfits, but also the stage sets for her concerts.

Today Dolce&Gabbana are still among the most appreciated Italian fashion designers and not only by celebrities, as the more of 250 shops throughout the world prove.

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