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A few words about Italian fashion designers

Italian Stylists

Armani, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce&Gabbana, Valentino, Gucci, Moschino: what comes to mind when we mention those names? Beautiful dresses, luxurious runways, glamorous photos on fashion magazines. Indeed, the ones we have just quoted are some of the greatest Italian fashion designers, the same people and brands that have made Italy a leader in the empire of fashion.

From 1950 on, after the very first runway in Italy arranged at conte Giorgino’s house in Florence, Italian fashion started to become more and more famous  not only in the country, but also abroad. Italian designers demonstrated that they could compete with French haute couture and that it could even overtake it, thank to their insuperable creativity and their  unique use and mix of colours and fabrics. Not to mention their attention to every single detail of their items, from decoration to seaming.

There is no doubt that Italian fashion is one of the most appreciated in the world, because its creators never stop amaze their audience with collections that have always something new to offer, even when taking inspiration from the past.

Italian fashion is a universe full of designers of all ages: in addition to the top brands, indeed, there is a high number of less known stylists, usually younger but very talented who could probably become the great names of tomorrow.

But let’s have a look at the great names of today: is there any woman who has never dreamt to wear a “Rosso Valentino” dress or the iconic “vestito siciliano” by Dolce&Gabbana? Probably not, as we are talking about legends.

The same thing happens with Armani, another of the most famous designers which collections are appreciated all over the world and not only for his elegant dresses but also for his innovation in blazers, that he made suitable for women too.

Versace is another of the greatest names of world fashion: apart from creating unforgettable pieces of fashion, he put his effort in looking for the best photographs and models for his runways and photographic shootings.

Roberto Cavalli, instead, is famous for his long dresses made of extravagant patterns and colours, while Gucci has created very interesting collections for women and men, but it’s also well known for its glamorous accessories.

Finally let’s mention Moschino, one of the most original designers, who has made a great use of irony to create items that mix elegance and provocation.

All the designers we are talking about have given life to a personal style that reflects itstelf in every single item, and have been able to keep it alive even when they played and experimented with audacious lines or when they took inspiration from past decades or from far and exotic cultures.

During decades they all have obtained the attention and admiration of celebrities, from actors to noble people who have worn their creations on the screen or at top events such as red carpets and weddings.

And all of these top designers, moreover, have not just created iconic haute couture dresses, but also prêt a porter collections with items people could wear beyond the greatest socialite events. Also, they have expanded their activity to something different from clothes: fashion accessories.

Glamorous sunglasses, elegant jewels, shoes, bags, watches and also perfumes: all of the accessories that bring the name of the greatest labels are symbols that have entered the life of common people, bringing some fashion also outside runways and glamorous events.

Italian fashion, in the end, has made and still make people dream.

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