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Italian Design

Italians do it better: it’s not just a common saying. Italian people have an undeniable talent for lots of things, most of them having something to do with the idea of beauty.
Italian design is one of them: we can’t deny that it’s one of the major expressions of Made in Italy. It’s not possible to restrict the idea of design to a single object or a single field, as it embraces such a variety of expressions that mentioning just one of them would be rather reductive. We will try to give some exemplifications of what Italian design can indicate.


Italian cars are a good starting point: both luxury and more affordable brands owe their celebrity, among other things, to a team of qualified and skilled designers who manage to give their own interpretation of modernity to the object.  Sometimes their inspiration comes from the past, as they look at remote decades reinventing lines and geometries, using technologies and materials as a canvas on which new models are shaped and then introduced to the audience.


Another clear example of how Italians perceive design is given by Italian interior design, a field which results in several combinations and interpretations. From interior’s project to furniture and accessories, Italian designers are able to innovate, to look at current and future tendencies and even anticipate them, proposing functional solutions  resulting from the most appropriate combination of colours, materials and lines.


International events like Triennale di Milano or Salone del Mobile, with lots and lots of people reaching Milan from everywhere just to see the ultimate tendencies of Italian creativity, are a proof of how much Italian design in all his forms is admired all over the world.


Italian fashion and jewellery are other expressions of the superiority of Italian design and represent a field in which they can never stop creating new items. Clothes, accessories and jewellery are an endless universe of experimentation in which  the combination of forms, colours and materials results in infinite possibilities and contaminations.  


We cannot forget about Italian architecture: from the so called archistars to less famous professionals, Italian architects are appreciated for their ability to combine and create building and city spaces that represent a clear proof of the quality of their design.


Another interesting fact about Italian design is that in lots of cases it has sanctioned the consecration of common object into iconic symbols of the story of the country. Let’s think for example of Olivetti typewriters,  or Necchi sewing machines:  they are not just objects, but symbols that everybody could recognize at first sight, even today. And how can forget about Vespa? If it has become an icon it’s because of his unique design that has made it famous worldwide.
At the same way, other common objects have proven for years how Italian design could determine the success of an item: household machines. Since the years when they started to be present in most houses, they have always undergone a continue process of innovation which has made them more than things, but furnishing complements born from the combination of technology and design.


Today designers in Italy keep innovating and contaminating giving us wonderful demonstrations of their abilities, both in the luxury market and in mass production of objects affordable to everyone. In the end, it’s not a question of money: good examples of Italian design can be find even in the cheaper and common objet.

Alessi Design

Italian design is well recognized  for excellence, creativity, innovation, fashion and global quality. Italian design refers to all forms of design including interior, industrial, automobile, fashion design but what interests us is furnishing and home design. In the wided variety of italian design  focused on home we find a well