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Italian Cars

You can drive a car, or you can drive an Italian car: that’s not the same thing even if you’re taking the same action. It’s not only a question of speed or performance, but it’s something more that every passionate about cars knows.


A clear exemplification of Made in Italy is given by the Italian car industry, one of the most prosperous in the international scenario, still today when the market is full of competitors and when new countries are becoming protagonists in the world car production.


What makes Italian cars so attractive? It’s not a single feature they have in comparison with other cars, but rather a mix of incomparable qualities: elegance, technique, design, functionality and so on.


Italian cars have contributed to make the country famous everywhere because they have never been just cars: they have always been symbols of a population starting from the 1960s, the years of the so called “boom”. During that period of economic recovery, having a car was not only possible for reach people, but it became affordable for common people too. In those years, indeed, you could easily find that the streets were full of Fiat 600 and Fiat 500, which became icons of the times. And as you know, Fiat 500 has gone through lots of innovations and transformations that have made it one of the most appreciated cars in the world even today.


From then, the Italian car industry has been increasing more and more creating lots and lots of different models, most of which have been highly appreciated abroad also. Italian luxury cars have continued to be one of the most common desires: who have never dreamt of driving a Ferrari, for example? Besides, luxury cars have become a legend also because of the media: television and cinema has given us wonderful images and movies in which healthy people showed and enjoyed the most beautiful and expensive models. It happens still today: it’s difficult, indeed, not to undergo the charm of an elegant and shiny new car!


Today Italy counts on some brands that produce every sort of cars. Luxury brands looks like they’re eternal, as they continue selling wonderful cars which are something like jewels, and not only because they are so expensive. We’re talking about a branch that employs the best engineers, mechanic, experts, designers and so on to create cars in which technology, elegance and performance become a successful mix. Behind Italian luxury cars there are studies, attempts, projects, partnerships that activate a productive process which, in the end, reaches incomparable outcomes.


But the Italian car market is also formed by brands who produce cars available to everyone and responding to different tastes. They do this thanks to designers and professionals who observe the market tendencies and apply the best technologies to create products that can match the buyer’s necessities. But lower price doesn’t mean low quality, ugliness or an insufficient level of security: on the contrary, quality, elegance, beauty and safety are the most important goals that Italian car producers commit to achieve.


That’s why when you buy an Italian car you buy a piece of history, but also the result of the job made by professionals to give the audience the best solutions suitable to any necessity or personal taste, both in the case of luxury models or city cars.